Sunday, February 1, 2015

DIY Valentine's Day Garland

I love finding any excuse to decorate my room and since Valentine's day is quickly approaching I've decided to put up a couple of decorations. I didn't go all out and I'm still planning on picking up a couple of little things (I will make a post of what I put up sometime this week). I don't usually go all out for Valentine's day but I thought it would be fun to add some little touches to my room this year. I think I also want to do some more Valentine's day DIY projects so look out for those shortly! So anyway, here's a little DIY on this heart garland.

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What you will need:
Stencil of two different sized hearts (I just googled it and printed them out but you could always make your own)
Card stock paper or construction paper (preferably in red and pink to save time but since I only had brown, I used what I had and painted the hearts)
Tape (I used masking tape)
String (or twine)

Find a heart stencil online and cut them out.
Trace a bunch of hearts onto card stock (I made about 20 total but the amount depends on how long you plan to make yours).
Paint the hearts (obviously skip this step if you used colored paper). I only had red and white paint so I had to mix them to make pink.
Wait until they dry, which doesn't take long at all btw, and attach to the string using tape.

And you're done! It's super easy and honestly very self-explanatory but I thought I'd show you all anyway. I hope you try it out and let me know what you do to decorate for Valentine's day!

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