Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Small Brandy Melville Haul

Hello everyone! Recently, I went to New York and bought some things from the Brandy Melville store in Soho. I've never been to a Brandy store before (I've gotten their clothes at Pacsun) so I was pretty excited to go. The place was so packed and filled with so many options that it was a bit overwhelming and I only really had time to get a few things that I liked. Hopefully I'll be able to go again, when it's not as crowded and I have more time!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Small Haul

Hey guys! So I'm back with a small haul of things I bought today. I'm so excited that fall things are starting to be sold now because fall is my favorite time of the year! I'm especially excited about the fall candles. My favorites are from Bath & Body Works and I got the Autumn one and the Leaves one as well!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

L'Oreal True Match Lumi Powder Glow Illuminator Review

Today I will be reviewing the L'Oreal True Match Lumi Powder Glow Illuminator since I have had this highlighter for a couple of weeks now. There are currently 3 different shades to choose from and the one I have is W102 Golden. Here are my pros and cons...

Packaging (comes with a brush & mirror)
Color can be used blended together or individually

Price ($12.99 at Ulta)
Gold glitter shade is too big and settles in pores

Overall I would say this is a decent highlighter. Yes, you could probably find something cheaper that is better quality. The have experimented with using this highlighter as eyeshadow and it does look nice. My favorite was to use this product is by swirling my brush on all of the shades and applying on my cheeks and cheekbones because this gives a nice glow. I do not recommend using this if you have big pores or if makeup tends to settle into fine lines for you because this product will definitely do that. From far away it's not noticeable but up close you see that. Also, the gold glitter seems to be too big and not milled finely enough. If you're not into spending $12.99 on a drugstore product I would not recommend but if you don't mind trying it out I would go for it because it is pretty decent and gives a nice glow to the skin!

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Recently, I've returned from my family trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica and let me just tell you all, it was so amazing and beautiful!! I was in awe the entire time because everything looked like it came directly out of a post card or travel magazine. I love traveling to new places and I love the beach so this vacation was heaven for me. My family and I stayed in an all-inclusive resort so every morning was like waking up in paradise. I never wanted to leave and could have easily stayed forever.. or at least a couple more days. Anyway, I'm extremely blessed and grateful that I was able to go on this trip. It was definitely a beautiful trip and I love having this memory now!

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Hello lovelies! I hope are having or had a wonderful Easter. I just got home after spending the day in the city, first going to Church and then having brunch with my family. Outside the restaurant there was a parade going on and everyone was dressed up so nicely. It was overall such a wonderful time.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mini Makeup Haul

L'Oreal Boost It High Lift Creation Spray / L'Oreal Miss Manga Waterproof Mascara / Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Eyeliner in Nude / Elf Shine Eraser Oil Blotting Sheets / Rimmel Stay Matte Primer
So recently I picked up a couple new beauty products to try out. I haven't bought makeup in a while so I needed some things. I bought these last week so I've had the opportunity to try them out and see how I like them. I may do a demo or review on some of these products, specifically the L'Oreal Boost It spray because I've found that I'm really liking it at the moment. If you have any new beauty products you could recommend me, let me know in the comments!

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Cardigan - Pacsun / Top - Pacsun / Skirt - Aero / Necklaces - Aero & Macy's

Today I went to brunch with my mom for a school thing. I thought it was so nice to spend time with my mom, my friends, and their moms. I was at the mall yesterday trying to find an outfit to wear and I picked up my skirt from Aero (it's from the Bethany Mota collection) and I actually love it. I never used to be much of a fan of Aero (primarily because I used to wear their clothes in 6th grade) but they have some pretty cute stuff now. Since it was freezing outside (and it started to snow while we were there), I wore black tights and black booties and of course wore a jacket.

Oh and please excuse my awkward poses, I'm still trying to figure them out hahah.